Goal Displacement | Problem Displacement

Cyphert, Frederick R.; Gant, Walter L.
“The Delphi Technique: A Tool for Collecting Opinions in Teacher Education”

Dr. Cypher was Dean of the University of Virginia’s Curry Memorial School of Education and Dr. Gant was Director of the Department of Adjustive Services, Norfolk City Schools.

It is a truism that many schools of education have for too long attempted to be all things to all people. They have been prime targets for the phenomenon of goal displacement, i.e. the tendency for organizations to turn away from original goals and to substitute means for ends. It is reasonably obvious that giving the Master’s degree has become an end in itself, and schools of education have long since forgotten the goal which originally called for that degree program. Added to this concept of goal displacement is a second prevalent phenomenon which has been labeled problem displacement. This is the substitution of organizational concern for trivial problems in place of significant problems because the significant problems appear unsolvable. Clearly, schools of education need to give fresh attention to the clarification and hierarchal ordering of goals if they are to increase their effectiveness.

It also appears that most schools of education and, for that matter, most universities, operate on the apparent assumption that persons inside the organization control its destiny. While no one can deny the significant and essential influence of students, faculty, and administration, it is equally fallacious and dangerous to deny or ignore the powerful impact of forces and persons outside the organization on its welfare and mission. […]

https://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED042691.pdf << Accessed via ERIC May 4, 2020

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