Trolling the Troll

I keep stumbling across references to the President of the United States in the Apple Dictionary (A lexicographer’s gem) :


(Definition #2) [mass noun] courtesy and considerate behaviour towards others: a show of public comity in the White House.


noun [mass noun] good manners; refinement: he has no couth, no brains and doesn’t know the meaning of the word diplomacy.

Source: Apple Dictionary, Version 2.3.0 (239.5)

Interesting to note that “couth” only is attested from the late 19th century on as a back-formation from “uncouth”. I do wonder what social forces may have been at play to usher such a word into the common vocabulary of English speakers.

Work of the translator at Google… gives the form “couth” for the French with oddball pronunciation.
< Accessed April 20, 2020 < suggested they use "savoir faire"

Back translation leads me to Word Hippo and a definition for savoir-faire : "The ability to do or say what is appropriate for the occasion" and a long list of synonyms including "manners", "social graces", and "urbanity". < Accessed April 20, 2020

Oh and let's not forget "tactfulness".

The lexicographers may not be trolling but I am.

And so for day 2773

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  1. My continuing friend and former colleague, Magda Smolewski sent me a hilarious piece of lunch time reading (short and entertaining)

    This is hilarious — even more so as I got the Apple to read it to me in Steven Hawking’s voice.

    I just love this takeaway line : But rarely has stupidity been so nasty, or nastiness so stupid.

    From the aptly named Pas de Merde dot Com

    I can always count on Magda for a finely curated piece. The troll is definitely being trolled.

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