Eat Me Drink Me

Michael Pollan

Food Rules # 36 < that piece after the hashtag is a strawberry

Don’t eat breakfast cereals that change the color of the milk.

So this might mean — don’t eat milk with your cereal (eat a little bit dry)
So this might mean — eat your cereal with another liquid (and a variety of seeds and fruit)
So this might mean — don’t eat breakfast ; practice intermittent fasting

Oatmeal: sweet or savoury?

I remember for Lent we gave up chocolate and hit the jackpot at Easter.

What do you remember giving up for a while? What do you intend to abstain from and for how long?

BTW — those cereals that change the colour of our milk can be special treats — not for every day or every week or every month — not by the hour and not for seconds unless you really want to pig out. Once a year from a small box from a sweet friend.

My niece informs me that the color-change cereals don’t taste as good as the one’s she used to have (occasionally) at grandma’s. It appears that obviously the companies weren’t raised Catholic* (or Muslim) — they would understand about “temporal distancing” — waiting for a good thing to come around… mind you daily mass is also a bit much (in my books) but hey , I’m an atheist now : )

Companies that aren’t greedy are seasonally attuned.

* Eucharist from late Middle English: from Old French eucariste, based on ecclesiastical Greek eukharistia ‘thanksgiving’, from Greek eukharistos ‘grateful’, from eu ‘well’ + kharizesthai ‘offer graciously’ (from kharis ‘grace’). See also hostie but as of this writing Wikipedia (in English) does not have an entry for “host” pointing to the Christian sense, not even a stub let alone one as rich as the French.

BTW there is no link on the French Wikipédia site to the Globe splash page (or mothership) that would give access in a few clicks to the panoply of languages. In my world one could link across languages — superb for disambiguation pages and excellent to assist in the quandary of transliterations changing over time. Let’s build it but not all at once.

And so for day 2764

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