Sowa ayii
Sowa aha sowa wa x2

For the splash page to Sense: Orientations, Meanings, Apparatus there is a picture of the author as a young child against a pink background of the scanned text and with a green rule. The picture was taken by my father but I have no record beyond oral history of where and when the photo was taken. I believe it is a war memorial — broken sword and wreath are there. I would love to revisit the site someday if it still exists.

It appears here …

also accessible by an Easter egg on the table of contents

Note in passing the accuracy of the title: many orientations, many meanings, one apparatus

I think it was Germany near Soest but it could also be France or Belgium which we visited during the time my father was stationed in West Germany.

Irony of irony — thanks to Wikipedia today I see the coat of arms and flag of Soest contain a key which key to memory I seem to have misplaced. Never mind Siri or image recognition software, can any of the readers of Berneval and beyond be of some assistance?

Playing in the background as I write this is Fatoumata Diawara %% Sowa %%

Sowa Soest Sowa Soest

I would also rely on the kindness of friends and strangers to verify the French translation from the unidentified African language

L’autre jour je me suis disputée avec mon bien aimé
L’autre jour je me suis disputée avec mon époux
Et maintenant…

I love what Google Translate does

Neulich habe ich mit meinem Schatz gestritten
Neulich habe ich mit meinem Mann gestritten
Und jetzt …

I am looking for mien Mann indeed. Though I never call him an époux. I prefer the term lover. My first lover was a sculpture?! The first of many firsts.

And so for day 2764

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