Time-Limited Trees – Time-Unimited Neighbours

The author of this poem has a quandary:

Must I fight for my wife’s desire for yellow blooms when my neighbors’ tomatoes will stunt and blight in shade? Always the same story: two people, one tree, not enough land or light or love. Like the baby brought to Solomon, someone must give. Dear neighbor, it’s not me. Bloom-shadowed, light-deprived, they lower the chainsaw again.


Overlapping the theme of “who has title” (from Berneval 2763) — overlapping territories can sometimes be worked out by temporal distancing — an encumbrance or easement — agreement to plant a tree for X many years and cut it down in X many years allows both wife (yellow blooms) and neighbour’s (tomatoes) for some period of time (perhaps not in one’s life time but for future generations).

Note in Canada we put the “our” in neighbour which rhymes with “boor”which queerly comes from Boer.

Autocorrect gives “bour” as “your” And if you squint “bour” looks like “hour” and we are back full circle to temporal distancing and neighbourliness. Which all helps in the elaboration of decision trees.

BTW == WHO – World Health Organization (and subject to permutations not unlike Joyce’s HCE – Here Comes Everybody) — Bloom-shadowed another allusion to Joyce? This time to Ulysses? fighting for a wife’s desire — bring her yellow tulips in the spring and suffer sulphur chrysanthemums in the fall.

And so for day 2763

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