Who Has Title? WHO has title.

First and Last … Laments

the hellebore blush has turned to rust

a haiku? a death poem?

April 2020, Toronto

Lachance & Robinson

I told this to a man who said I was inhuman, for giving animals
my first lament. So now I guard
my inhumanity like the jackal

Lucia Perillo

On the Spectrum of possible deaths

Copper Canyon Press, 2012

All Rights Reserved

Results of a truncated call number search (PS3566 .E69146) …

Screenshot - from Library of Congress cataloging number -- One Search at University of Toronto

One-Search at the library works cuz of good metadata – it takes time to catalogue well – Chapeau to the Librarians
Would that all data every which was as clean!


Japanese Death Poems PL782.E3 J34 1986

And so for day 2761

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