lacuna lacrimosa

$$ GReaT Mary, mother of JesUs $$

This post is inspired by Lindsay Blackwell who has a penchant of !@#$% language.

We were talking about the struggle for a four day work week.

And we noticed on the QWERTY keyboard that $ is shift 4

We also noticed that $$ swear $$ can serve very much like singing % la la la %

$$$$ can be used as a ribbon, proto-emoji

$$$$ to signal support for a four day work week

$$$$ without loss of renumeration

*88* on another note *88*

Lindsay also kindly helped me learn how we can cry on the Internet (WWW +).

She supplied me with the beautiful phrase “larmes de fraternité” which rhymes nicely with

“La fraternité d’armes”

An expression traced back to one Père Ducourneau (

We can now shed a tear in French (LDF) and laugh our half our head off in English (LOL) – whole head is ROFL (which always reminds me of Rolfing).

$$ GReaT Mary, mother of JesUs $$

And swear our oaths. And mind the gap offered by a shed tear. Amen.

And so for day 2755

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