Three Badges for Basic Skills

I have given away nearly all my badges. There are three that I kept for a special occasion.

This is it.

To my constant reader and my appreciative audience:

Orientation: A set of signposts that represent our need to ask for directions and to give direction. I had a boss whose key phrases are: “Where can I find?” and “You might want to look’…’

Observation: A set of binoculars that represents our need to pay attention to self-in-situation and evolving situation. (That boss would report on what she observes; her field notes are meticulous and she was at ease with the sometimes glacial pace of fluidity and its quicksilver lightning.)

Theatre Arts: Comedy and Tragedy are represented by masks. My boss was fine a drama queen with a unique range and able to modulate every instant with panache; (She was also a fashion diva with a superb sense of advanced style == ready for any costume change.)
And the observant ones among you will see that my descriptions do not follow the vertical order of the display. Like a good palindrome the order is reversible.

The contrast in order between the verbal and the visual is an invitation to play, mix and match and enter into any of the simple roles of sensing and reacting and sensing the reaction and reacting to the sensing of the reaction.

Three Canadian Wolf Cub Badges circa 1970

And so for day 2750

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  1. I note that the order starts with Orientation ends with Drama (early 16th century: via late Latin from Greek drama, from dran ‘do, act’.) [Bottom-Up reading of the visual.] But as Turing taught us every state is an instruction. [Top-Down reading nets an understanding that every action orients] Note the mediating presence of the observer/recorder: what, how and when remains always to be determined in an evolving universe. It seems we have at a minimum a three-body problem in our skulls

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