Hard Work Being An Audience

Gentle Reader:

I would say these numbers tell us very little about the
audience you have. I don’t think numbers can do this. For
me, an audience is made up of people who do things like pay
attention, show interest, listen or read carefully, ask good
questions, make useful comments, offer suggestions, press
counter arguments, tell you about what they think, show you
other things you may be interested in, point out your
mistakes, praise your clarity and illumination, ask to talk to
you about their work, engage in fruitful correspondence, and
such like.

Tim Smithers
On Humanist 33.730: on using academia.edu & Humanities Commons

The whole Humanist post is an exercise in scholarly decorum and appropriate phatic and cognitive functions (the three “letters” have opening and closing salutations). Well worth preserving and keeping in mind and showing students or members of your audience what the “hard” work of being a humanist looks like and what an plug should look like — care of Kathleen Fitzpatrick. She is Director of Digital Humanities and Professor of English Michigan State University. Her contribution in Humanist 33:730 promotes Humanities Commons in a graceful fashion. Full disclosure — Kathleen and I have been part of each other’s audience for a good decade or more. I truly appreciate her blogging, tweets and her online presence. As do countless scholars known and unknown to me.

And so for day 2746

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