Differently Abled Differently Challenged

“Last Night I played a blank tape at full blast; the mime next door went nuts.” — George Carlin

A joke that depends on a very time-situated cultural reference. And the dictionary supplies with the additional information that the tape could have been erased: magnetic tape that has no recorded sound or image, as an unused or erased tape.

I pair it here with something a little timeless both in its appeal to the animal world and its evocation of fleeting time.

Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller - color blind horse - colour blind description for

If I recall correctly this appeared in black and white. In any event this scan is from a b&w photocopy. Here’s a link to Non Sequitur is Wiley Miller’s wry look at the absurdities of everyday life.


The site is not yet searchable by text (that would involve transcribing each individual bubble which sounds like a crowd source project). But the archive is organized by date. But even with a magnifying glass I cannot make out a date on the comic strip. Timeless.

Worthy rabbit-hole to search out for more of Danae and the color blind (colour blind) horse, Lucy.

And so for day 2741

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