In lieu of going for coffee

Extending what is on offer via two previous blog entries

I have a friend who takes delight in well-designed or content-rich ephemera. I sent this to the friend via email…

And quoting a little bit from the takeaway photocopy sheet

I read the scratched covers of books like a seer reads palms. I see futures and pasts in the traces left by those who read before me. I read the wavering line on a library book’s page, and I read it hoping to hear someone call my name. I insert meaning where none exists.

May all your reading be so potent

and then later sending on the addition:

Continuation of the quotation from Grayson James

I speak, I listen patiently, I copy sheet music from the dust that falls from a high ceiling.

I like how the broken up quotation affects my reading. Allowing me to focus on the micro-textures of the text.

And so for day 2735

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