To See by Not Seeing

Austen’s punctuation illustrated:

Scroll to bottom for Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice depiction

Chicago web designer Nicholas Rougeux strips literary classics of their words and turns them into spiral-shaped in Between the Words. He explores the ‘visual rhythm of punctuation’ by removing all letters, numbers, spaces and line breaks from the books

But that description is not quite accurate — a certain set of numbers remain in some instances. This to great effect (esp. in the case of Shakespeare’s Sonnets).

More Work by the very talented and generous Nicolas Rougeux

If you are looking specifically for

Between the Words: Exploring the punctuation in literary classics

At a glance one sees the abundance of parentheses in Joyce’s Ulysses, the organizing pulse of the roman numerals that number Shakespeare’s Sonnets, the swirl of ticking commas in H.G. Wells’s The Time Machine, the dash mad Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland — — —

And so for day 2721

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