Images We Grow Into Through Rooted Imaginings

Sarah West, nature art therapist and good soul sketched this “little professor” or “wizard” bear meant to represent yours truly.

sarah west caricature of francois lachance in the tradition of rooted imaginings

Other examples of her art can be found at Rooted Imaginings.

Note the room in rooted imaginings for the nomadic….

I asked her on her blog if there is room for the “nomadic heart” in “rooted imaginings”.

Her reply:

There’s absolutely room for the “nomadic heart” in “rooted imaginings.” I feel that one’s act of being rooted applies to so much more than simply staying in one place. If anything, I’ve found the groundedness, strength and surety that comes from rootedness enables me to move about a bit more freely in this world.

BTW we both love tweed. It travels well.

To see how brilliant her caricature is look at how I might have grown into it…

And so for day 2717

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