Discovery and Joy

I am currently reading (have currently read) A Hacker’s Manifesto by McKenzie Wark who is much inspired by Deleuze and Guattari. From my reading I note two sentences (order inverted by me) from section 060 …

The virtuality of the experience of knowledge is the joy that the
hacker expresses through the hack. The virtuality of everyday life is the
joy of the producing classes.

[this is something else from somewhere else, a marker of joy]

The snowdrops have appeared and the tulips are pushing up. I hope spring
is springing nicely for you too.

[Wark’s text continues…]

The hacker class is only enriched by the discovery of the knowledge latent in the experience of everyday working life, which can be abstracted from its commodified form and expressed in its virtuality. [our emphasis]

reduplication of “joy” reduplication of “spring”

a garden is always poised in its virtuality to offer discovery and offer joy

I don’t think that there is an “enrichment” happening in the sense of commodity accumulation. The enrichment is like enriched classes for the gifted. An immediate sensuality of body and mind. See Jean-François Lyotard Des dispositifs pulsionnels “L’important est l’énergie en tant qu’elle est métamorphose, métamorphosante et métamorphosée […]”

The hack: the hacked, the hacking : the hackable.

And so for day 2715

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