Random Access Stash

Jan Morris interviewed in The Guardian by Tim Adams

Morris looks around her bookshelves, the thousands of books that line this long room floor to ceiling. “People always say: ‘Have you read them all?’” she says. “No. but I have an emotional attachment to them all. I pick an old book out and if it is interesting I read a few pages. I put letters and photographs and cards in them to find later.”

Reading Morris brought to mind Ali Smith minding what gets inserted into books that get donated… (“Now when I donate books to the shop I have a flick through to make sure that anything tucked into them isn’t something I might mind losing.”)

Sometimes we placed things with the intent of casting them into the wild.

Sometimes we bury <! – – comments – – > for the observant.

Sometimes we are winked at – take the comments in the HTML coding at Bianca’s Smut Shack where we were enticed not to peek beneath the floorboards – such a lovely metaphor for the relation between source code and browser display. A comment now only floating in memory.

And so for day 2702

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