Working the Angles

My Amazon review of Chèvre by Tia Keenan. An exercise in limits.

It won’t melt

I like the intro advice on goat’s cheese: “Chèvre does not melt — Think of chèvre as most similar to ricotta in the way it reacts to heat.” Knowing the limitations opens possibilities.

Food writing lends itself well to the aphoristic. See. Smell. Taste.

Cover - Chèvre by Tia Keenan - Short Stack Editions

And so for day 2682

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  1. One of my interlocutors notes that chèvre “it melts, damn it!” He reports incorporating it into a sauce that also involves Gorgonzola and aged Cheddar.

    “Dissolves” and “melts” can be considered as two distinct processes. Both however are similar in outcome: a solid turns liquid.

    Reminds me of a discussion with a colleague about “accurate” versus “exact” and coming up with the motto: “Kinda vague for accuracy”.

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