Fake and Failure

Jermey Fox
On Vegetables

Caught in a Catch-22

Then the review came out and we received three-and-a-half stars, which was basically unheard of for a new restaurant. It may have been the most gushing review I had ever read. In fact, it was so positive that I disagreed with it. The attention alone made me anxious. I didn’t even think that what I was doing was that good, or innovative. I was just working with what we had. I was waiting for everyone else to realize what I already felt about myself. It’s funny looking back, because if he had given us fewer stars I would have considered myself a failure. Instead he gave us three-and-a-half and I felt like a fake.

At a metalevel there is Catch-22 thinking and not Catch-22 thinking which is not a Catch-22. How to get there becomes an intriguing question. Faking failure? Faking the failure of the Catch-22 is often the way out … but one needs help.

And so for day 2679

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