The Minutiae of Contradictions

Heather Thomas
The Greek Vegetarian Cookbook

from the introduction

from not dwelling on detail to lavish praise for noticing particulars…

Greeks rarely eat alone, and it’s natural for friends to gather and talk about philosophy, culture, art, literature and politics — the big ideas, not the minutiae of daily life. Drama, tragedy and comedy all have a role to play in what it is to be Greek. Life is a joyous or, sometimes, a despairing affair, to be lived and experienced to the extreme. Nothing is taken for granted and he food served is often discussed knowledgably and analyzed in great detail with interest shown in the quality and provenance of the ingredients, the relative merits of different flavorings, the texture and appearance of sauces, and the cooking methods used. Nothing escapes the diners’ attention.

Or the reader’s.

And so for day 2678

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