Reaching from a hand covered with digits of a very high prime number to a donkey ride on the moon

Virtual Reality Experience, To The Moon

Hsin-Chien Huang

Laurie Anderson

What one carries away from the coda is the voice of the artist:

You know the reason I really love the stars?
It’s that we cannot hurt them.

Even if the attention flows to the other VR elements such as the stars turning to fireworks, one is hooked by that line of not hurting them. And the voice/text continues:

We can’t burn them.
We can’t melt them or make them overflow.
Or blow them up or turn them out.
But we are reaching for them.
We are reaching for them.

Words nicely available to prompt memory via a little flyer that one can bring away as a souvenir of fifteen extraordinary minutes.

And so for day 2652

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