Star Crystal

This began as an exchange about the Pantone Color Institute and wishfully getting jobs there setting the colour of the year. We then moved on to found our own colour consultancy agency. My friend thought I would be good at the descriptions. She liked my style.

So I gamely offered to gift her with a description. She chose the colour of her couch which is a yellow tone. This is the result:

Star Crystal

You’ve been reading Italo Calvino’s “The Light Years” from the Collected Cosmicomics. And you have been contemplating great distances and the time communication travels the universe and the impossibility of reversing images projected and explaining away initial intentions.

You sit and your light shines on the person sitting next to you. Together your glow radiates to the entire room. You leave and the couch is saturated. Golden. Pollen. Petal Dust. Star Glitter.

And you are thankful for proximity.

A yellow that emanates. Recalls the collision of helium. In a collapsing core. Forecasts ever occurring rise of chains of carbon and life. And stories. A yellow of emanation.

An origin surpassing itself.

A pause that extends beyond light years. Or beyond the moment of reading “The Light Years”. Aglow in the contemplation.

And so for day 2641

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