High Voltage Circuits

Because you as reader supply the link, it’s more devastating. Two examples, though not sonnets, exhibiting the volta.


Each week
  on network television
  hundreds of terrorist attacks
  are thwarted
  by members
  of the Actors Guild.

Perhaps they could visit
  when they’re not
  on set.

Thomas King
77 Fragments of a Familiar Ruin


John Berryman
“The Captain’s Song”

[after recalling the memory of being a child and leaping streams…]

You crippled Powers, cluster to me now:
Baffle this memory from my return,
That in the coldest nights, murmuring her name
I sought her two feet with my feet, my feet
Were warm and hers were ice and I warmed her
With both of mine. Will I warm her with one?

in Homage to Mistress Bradstreet and other poems


“January” by Charles Simic
Paris Review, Issue no. 212

Children’s fingerprints
On a frozen window
Of a small schoolhouse.

An empire, I read somewhere,
Maintains itself through
The cruelty of its prisons.

And so for day 2632

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