They Pop Up Everywhere

I recently viewed the film Mary Poppins from beginning to end (I had only seen snippets in the past). I was struck by the scene with Ed Wynn as Uncle Albert and the levitation by laughing. I thought how gay! And later when it is reported that Mr. Dawes Sr. died laughing (we last see him levitating to the same tune “I Love to Laugh“), I thought someone should write a paper about the death drive in Mary Poppins…

I confess I went looking for such a paper. I did come across a kindred confirmation of my hypothesis of the gay features of Uncle Albert’s mirth. Lindsay Amer at Lions Tigers Queers Oh My!

The “I Love To Laugh” dude. Gay = happy. This guy is so damn happy he floats! Sounds pretty gay to me.

And about that Irish fox… swish?

And so for day 2631

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