A Matrimonial Conjunction or Procreative Disjunction

Chris Banks
“Narrative Versus Lyric”
The Cloud Versus Grand Unification Theory

Beginning versus end…

A narrative poem leaves a trail of crumbs
in a fairy tale. A lyric poem introduces
a swan, its neck bowed low, feather-soft,
to eat them. […]
the night is over, the drunk narrative poem
admits the lyric poem’s flowers are lovely.
The lyric poem says it has always secretly
loved the narrative poem’s honesty. They
fall into each other’s arms. A child is born.

Chris Banks - narrative versus lyric - the cloud versus grand unification theory

Somewhere in the middle …

A narrative poem takes no prisoners.
A lyric poem says the only prison is longing.

The child of course exists in the space of longing that is the poem.

And so for day 2622

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