Membership Has Its Privileges

One of the joys of signing in to the Humanities Commons is logging out because there is a delightful invitation to return. It takes the form of an illustration and an allusion to a poem by Edward Lear, The Owl and the Pussy Cat.

Humanities Commons - screen shot - log off message

There is a neat Wikipedia article which features some of the many media appearances and allusions to the poem. I wonder if an edit mentioning the Humanities Commons adaptation would stick…

I get a kick every time out of the Humanities Commons announcement “You are fully logged out!” accompanied by Lear’s picture and the observation coupled with hope: “Time to sail away (but not for a year and a day). Come back soon!”

And of course Lear’s poem is the locus classicus of “runcible spoon” which inspired some rumination on the Humanist discussion list back at the dawn of the century.

Which leads me to quote the logo of the poetry and prose webzine Runcible Spoon which features a lovely silhouette of the duo

Runcible Spoon - poetry and prose webzine - logo - owl and pussy cat

It’s a privilege to be able to enjoy the creativity shared by so many with so many.

And so for day 2606

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