Smart People on Smart Cities

Attended a panel discussion at InterAccess.

Ctrl+Shift: Smart Cities

Interesting conclusion – trust generated out of civic engagement can lead to some really innovative city planning and data governance.

All the panelists stressed social justice and livability as part of the definition of smart city.


Nasma Ahmed
Director of the Digital Justice Lab

Anthea Foyer
Project Lead, Smart City Mississauga

Leslie Regan Shade
Professor at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto

Howard Tam
Designer and Urban Planner

Shawn Micallef
Author, served as moderator

Great fortune cookies (strawberry flavour) from SMRTCTY – Mississauga

smart city fortune cookie messages - SMRTCTY

Do you think technology can help with climate change?

[On the other side of the one with the SMARCITY URL] — How would you ensure all Mississaugans have access to technology?

And so for day 2600

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