Obviously Valuing Vintage

Culimnation of an extended analogy between cars and people …

But there are exceptions. Every now and then one comes across people who have grown old gracefully, or have become more handsome, sprucer, and more active and vital than they used to be. Obviously such people have adjusted well to their changing environments, and have begun to ‘shine through use’ rather than allow themselves to ‘rust in idleness’. Almost without exception, people of my acquaintance who have improved in twenty or thirty years, have given thought, attention and discipline to the way they live and the food they consume. Obviously no car or human frame can expect to escape the ravages of time without some attention being given to its care. With care and polish, a car can be just as efficient, and look as splendid, a decade afterwards as the day it was new. With greater care and attention some may even graduate gracefully into the ‘vintage’ category after several decades, and be worth more than they originally were. Without due care and attention we all know a vehicle can become an unrecognizable shamble in a matter of months.

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