Some Awesome Flavoursomeness

Ginger Ko

“Prayer for What’s Close”

          Let me stay here in the West please God
          Let me live on in shabby comfort
          Let me find the tinned tomatoes aisle without wandering
          Let me feel safe enough to have children someday

I’ll make every day worthy and won’t be unpleasant
I’ll remember not to dissolve into a malcontent
I’ll breathe and other cleansing things
I’ll walk in the mornings and write affirmations

It just to happens that when I was reading these lines, the background music featured another prayer from Madonna’s “Justify My Love”

Wanting, needing, waiting
For you to justify my love (my love)
Hoping, praying
For you to justify my love

Ko’s bargaining receives a note of sauciness from a more piquant offering earlier in the volume, from the opening sequence “Gaslight”

Things unremembered can be made unreal
A soft black eye perfectly round
Flavory fucking that fills the room
With a sodden smell

The nurture-danger flavours seep into the cover art by Sofi Thanhauser. Chopsticks resting on the edges of a bowl? Mouth and teeth devouring a title!

Ginger Ko - Motherlover - cover art by Sofi Thanhauser

And so for day 2587

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