Totem Traces

Treasures of and for the Self…

A time may indeed come when the pictures and statues which we admire to-day will crumble to dust, or a race of men may follow us who no longer understand the works of our poets and thinkers, or a geological epoch may even arrive when all animate life upon the earth ceases; but since the value of all this beauty and perfection is determined only by its significance for our own emotional lives, it has no need to survive us and is therefore independent of absolute duration.

On Transience
By Sigmund Freud
Translation by James Strachey

Reminds me of the respect for ruin…

The Haida people have decided to let the totem poles of SGang Gwaay decay naturally. Other than cleaning out debris and brush which might grow on them, the[re] are no efforts to preserve them as they believe that totem poles have a natural life like a human. It is estimated that the totem poles may only be around for another 10 years.

… these words too will be gone.

And so for day 2576

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