Putting the Flash in Pansexual

The poem is built around a catalogue. And ends with an endorsement of self-naming. Which produces a retroactive double entendre cascade.

Britteney Black Rose Kapri’s appliance-laden poem “Pansexual” in Black Queer Hoe

yes, i do like pans and pots and slow cookers and woks and crock-pots and rice makers and panini presses and waffle irons and blenders when i am feeling dangerous. […] and cast-iron skillets god damn do i love me a good cast-iron skillet. and microwaves and griddles and plates. and whatever the fuck my partner wants to call themselves.

If I were designing a curriculum I would love to pair this poem with Cory Doctorow’s story from Radicalized — “Unauthorized Bread” – where self-determination is also about the freedom to cook. In the novella, a refugee, Salima, confronts the software controlling installed in her kitchen appliances…

A well-equipped kitchen and a free mind.

And so for day 2574

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