Ce Sexe Que N’est Pas Un Qui Nez Pas

Nicole Brossard
Picture Theory

un sexe de femme c’est mathématique.

Ultrasounds translated by Lucille Nelson in Nicole Brossard: Selections

Beautiful liaison, to which many women are indebted for a glimpse of the possibility that their sexual parts are more numerous than is usually thought.

“Poetic Politics” in Nicole Brossard: Selections
[Published in The Politics of Poetic Form: Poetry and Public Policy edited by Charles Bernstein (New York: Roof Books, 1990)]

For me the body is a metaphor of energy, intensity, desire, pleasure, memory and awareness. The body interests me in its circulation of energy and the way it provides, through our senses, for a network of associations out of which we create our mental environment, out of which we imagine far beyond what we in fact see, feel, hear or taste. It is through this network of associations that we claim new sensations, that we dream backward in accelerated or slow motion, that we zoom in on sexual fantasies, that we discover unexpected angles of thought.

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Ecodeviance: (Soma)tics for the Future Wilderness

“Full Moon Hawk Application”

Once I dreamed that I had a cunt for a nose, and that was fantastic, putting finders in the cunt of my face!

“Children Know Mouth of Fable Pilots the Way to Womb Snout”
[this is the opening]

“he awoke with a / vagina instead of a / nose some women walked by pointing / how does that smell they asked”

And so for day 2566

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