F R A N C O I S [fʁɑ̃swa]

A visit to the coffee shop. I know they will get my order correct and I dread how they will mangle my name. We are not in Montréal where “François” would be quite common. I usually pronounce and spell (sometimes too quickly being mindful of the queue). Recently this tactic lead to the name coming out printed like a Hebrew prophet [Hosea?] — “osua” — made all the more plausible by the name of the till operator — Ari. Despite the mangled name, an eye-catching collision of sounds and letters, I did get what I ordered — a double espresso.

ephemera - name on a bill - osua - for francois

Interestingly “osua” leads to a Finnish verb which ironically means to hit a target.

And so for day 2542

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