Edward Carson
Look here Look Away Look Again

We are led to be mindful of space and what traverses space.

“”Some Assembly Required”

     to mind     is bird,

a networking   of neurons

And to over hear echoes …

“Towards The Rainbow”

why  oh  why on  the  way  to  somewhere  over

the  way  up  high  or  even  higher  still  looking


away  sometimes  hoping  for  something  like  a 

beautiful  music  relentless  as  why  oh  why  oh

To take flight. To displace.

“The Migratory Bird”

thought  begins  and  then  travels  on  to  arrive

at  another  place  connected  and  like-minded

And so we are as oriented by white space as by words.

And so for day 2520

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