Anachronism Fest

I find anachronism to be a charming trope. I am particularly drawn to the markers of temporal irregularities.

Julia Cooper in The Last Word: Reviving the Dying Art of Eulogy describes how news spread of the death of President Lincoln.

Not that the public mourning of President Lincoln wasn’t aided and influenced by the period’s technology: the development of the railroad and the arrival of telephone lines literally connected the news of Lincoln’s death to the American population. People and news were travelling faster than ever […]

Lincoln dies in 1865; telephone patent granted in 1876. “Telephone” is of course an accidental: “telegraph” is meant.

After spotting this passage in Cooper, I had to search for “Lincoln and telephone”. And was rewarded by an image of the President holding a smartphone and poised to take a selfie, all rendered in the appropriate past-marking sepia tone.

Doctored image of Lincoln holding a smartphone

Please don’t say this was “photoshopped.” There was no Photoshop back then.

The caption found with this doctored image delivered a double dose of anachronism: “Please don’t say this was ‘photoshopped.’ There was no Photoshop back then.”

Almost like tomatoes appearing in a Euro-Medieval recipe…

And so for day 2517

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