Consider Yourself Served

Billy-Ray Belcourt brings us to a space through which to exercise solidarity with those imagining and making happen “a life without misery” in carefully having the state agents circled by the “reserve” and the history makers.

The reserve, by way of decades of the mismanagement of biological life on the part of numerous state agents, is a place where making life without misery is an arduous task.

Settler Structures of Bad Feeling, Canadian Art.

I looked up the etymology of “arduous” – it’s not related to “ardour”.

Somehow, by its bracketing and positioning of adjectives, the sentence offers the opportunity of imagining the making a life as a task of ardour. The work with language places pressure on the present in a subtractive (without misery) and indicative (is a place) fashion. It’s a pressure that points to a future and pressures the reserve (etymologically a holding back).

And so for day 2513

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