Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick
Kessler Lecture published in Queer Ideas

Last week Mary described me to myself as “scattering sequins over us all” — all the people I love. She’s right, she and they do seem so glamorous and numinous to me. I always see the light shaking out their wings. It does shock me when anyone view them in an ordinary light – or worse, when they see each other that way.

This formed a piece of A Dialogue on Love.

Casting some ordinary light on sequins: although they scintillate for the eye, they scratch the skin. They are worn on the outside.

Scratch my back …

Cindi Lauper, Shine

Shine I’ll stand by you
Don’t try and push me away
’cause I’m just gonna stay
You can shine I won’t deny you
And don’t be afraid it’ll all be ok

And so for day 2511

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