Thrown for a Loop

It took me a while to piece together the elements of this advertising campaign.

Timed to coincide with Gay and Lesbian Pride, it ran during the month of June and into July at the corner of Church and Bloor in Toronto.

It involved three billboards.

Fruit Loops - Church and Bloor - Toronto - 2019

The sponsor was Kellogg’s Fruit Loops. The slogan invited viewers to “Follow Your Nose Heart” with Sam, the friendly toucan, wielding the chalk rewriting the slogan.

The other billboards feature pairs of the cereal. With a double take I realized two of the billboards featured same-same pairings and one with a pairing displaying difference.

There’s a rainbow tying all this together.

fruit Loops - Church and Bloor - Toronto - 2019

Very clever way to celebrate pride and diversity.

And so for day 2495

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