Quoting the Quotation, Simply

Zhu Xiao-Mei
Bach – The French Suites BWV 812-817

from the back of the CD case

It is with children in mind that I recorded these French Suites, always having heartfelt simplicity and purity in their mind. Children see the world with hope, optimism, and cast in light — much like Miró sees the world. I find a childlike purity in him, similar to what I hear in the French Suites. There is a quote by Miró that touches me enormously and makes me think a lot whenever I play, as it reflects something that may be the most difficult aspect of musical interpretation — and of art in general: “To gain freedom is to gain simplicity.”

The cover of the CD case features a photograph of Zhu Xiao-Mei in front of a Joan Miró painting, Le Jour (1974). There’s a companion La Nuit.

Juan Miro - Le Jour

And so for day 2483

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