Kids Stuff

They recur like structural building blocks…

Alice Burdick

“Voices of the familiar”

Musical notes, sings Hazel,
and Arthur says water
when he sees ducks.

“Baby wheels”

What’s happened to you, baby?
You used to be entirely air,
and now you’re arrow,
part imbedded in a tree.

The growling group of human
family enters the house,
up and down the octaves,
breathing life and sticky handprints.

[whole poem]

Swimming air in,
finally, cool breath.
Connect says Hazel,
and Arther scoots to wheels.


Downstairs the kids keep
the conversation up with the elders,
climbing on furniture
and throwing cars around.

And each block acts like a “signature” to mark the presence of little folk underfoot. And a call to pay attention.

And so for day 2447

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