What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander

If you are in search of the authentic … and not to be put off by purists …

Soy sauce, an extract of soya beans, is not commonly used in India. Elsewhere, however, many Indian homes use it for cooking curries.

Laxmi Khurana
An Indian Housewife’s Recipe Book

Creative Singapore cooks have never hesitated when it comes to borrowing new ingredients. English fruity chutney sauces, Worcestershire sauce and tomato sauce were incorporated into Chinese dishes decades ago.

Djoko Wibisono and David Wong
The Food of Singapore: Authentic Recipes from the Manhattan of the East

… as a teen one of my favourites for crowning crackers was a dash of soya sauce stirred into mayonnaise … o how the tastebuds travel in time and space.

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