drawn line has more than one direction

a drawn line has more than one direction

or so we are informed by

Mark Truscott “There” Branches

How many lines

in this glimpse

of bare tree?


drawn, a line can

never really move

in just one direction.

It gets complicated from there.

There is a great cover image — a puzzle piece image of a tree. Reproduced in grayscale in the inside covers: once completed or solved and once inverted. Roots. Routes.

In lieu of damaging the spine of my copy of the book by being flattened on a scanner bed, here is the cover designed by Tree Abraham and the cover flipped.

cover - mark truscott - branchescover flipped - mark truscott - branches

Detail counts in this book. The first line stands alone on the first page: “A branch like a line like a branch” is almost taken up verbatim on the second page “Branch like a line like a branch” — except a noun has been converted into a verb.

And so for day 2386

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