Hooded Figures – Figured Hoods

I first came across a portion of the illustration by Wesley Bates in a Gaspereau Press catalogue.

gaspereau press catalogue - the merchant of venice (retried) - george elliott clarke

In the background you see figures in capriotes injecting a distinctly Klansman motif for which one finds a textual basis in the Forward Foreword.

I hope I’ve played down Shylock’s villainy, but played up the pro-Caucasian Christian Capitalist‡ (Apartheid-like) bias of the Venetian Republic.

‡This Trumpist “CCC” is the prelude to the KKK?

George Elliott Clarke. The Merchant of Venice (Retried).

And if you look carefully at the curtains above the throne you will see swastikas.

And so for day 2365

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