Continuously Coming Out

It’s me. Picture taken by my friend Nella and if you look closely there’s our friend Diana in the background. It was taken after a talk given by our photographer friend Rita.

Francois Lachance

Francois Lachance photographed by Nella Cotrupi at a talk by Rita Leistner

Gay man. Aged 57.

My sidebar comment is inspired by Rachel Giese in the Globe and Mail, “Lose the plot: Why there’s more than one queer narrative“. She observes

Coming out doesn’t guarantee a happy ending, in life or in movies. But being out affords the opportunity to exist on your own terms and, hopefully, be seen in the fullness of your humanity.

She’s right. It makes a difference. Life offers constant opportunities for coming out. The mode of being out involves perpetual revelations. At any age.

And so for day 2150

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