Agreeing to Perpetual Commotion

Inscribed under the sign of fado, Michele Leggott’s conclusion to milk & honey is an expansive poem called “wild light” whose ending opens the mind onto wide vistas


travelling light
because our hearts
those crazy old caloyers
have gone on ahead
with all the stories on a string
all the stories in the world
waiting to happen
light swings between us
luminous and dispersive
anguish no anguish
I won’t be back this way again
but the world of light
throws its salts into the sky
one more time
foam dew clouds lightning
and on this arm
of the harbouring planet
we look up and agree to live
in perpetual commotion
a new moon and just below it
the evening star


Anchored in place and on a thread raising to source of light.

And so for day 2068

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