Make Space for the Girl

Found poem.

I’ve come from him
and how close to me
he remains.

someone, somewhere,
will look for me and
I will be found

From trans poet, Gwen Benaway Passage.
First stanza is the last stanza of “Nightfall” p. 69
Last stanza is the last stanza of “What’s Wild in Wild” p. 21

What is ostensibly a “him” referring to the lost (“divorced”) lover is inscribed in such a way to reveal an intriguing (unconscious) introversion of the mourned object: “in cold light, a marker for how far // I’ve come from him / and how close to me / he remains” — that gap produces a displacement if not condensation of the signifier — another him may be lost.

Thomas Pavel, Fictional Worlds

[T]here is no guarantee that all sentences of the text can be traced back to one and the same world, or to the same universe.

And as we learn here, pronoun reference can shift. Pavel reminds us “referential behavior includes a creative, risk-taking aspect, as well as a tendency to settle down into conventional patterns.”

And so for day 1839

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