The R i c h :: The P o o r

The title is mathematically inspired: Peano Curves and Cantor Dust. Infinite occupations of space and infinite recursive reductions. But its tone is political.

Peano Curves and Cantor Dust

I ride the subway
The rich do not

I frequent the delicatessen
The rich do not
The caterer makes a house
call with a set of delectable samples

I ride the subway
The poor do not
They walk blocks and blocks
through slush in sneakers
lined with plastic bags to reach a food bank, a soup kitchen, a place of rest.

I had originally posted this as an index.html file to a subdirectory to offer to anyone who would truncate a url to see something unexpected. Time to bring it out of the shadows. And apply a transformation to some key words. A translation, if you will.

f o o d   s o u p   r e s t

f   o   o   d     s   o   u   p     r   e   s   t

f     o     o     d       s     o     u     p       r     e     s     t

And so for day 1822

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