Walk to Borrow, Run to Read

Alan Bennett on Libraries (our emphasis)

A library needs to be handy and local; it shouldn’t require an expedition. Municipal authorities of all parties point to splendid new and scheduled central libraries as if this discharges them of their obligations. It doesn’t. For a child a library needs to be round the corner. And if we lose local libraries it is children who will suffer.

London Review of Books Vol. 33 No. 15 · 28 July 2011

I was put in mind of the small remote fly-in communities in northern Ontario and whether they benefit from interlibrary loan programs. I am blessed to live in a city, Toronto, where the public library is built upon the operation of branch libraries and a wonderful system of holds & loans that have books delivered for pickup at your local library. Yes political will is important for building and maintain intelligent library services.

And so for day 1626

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