Mixing Creole dance with 13th century Christian lay orders. Rifting on Cole Porter’s Begin the Beguine.

Like the image of dancing nuns that stops one from hearing Ella Fitzgerald’s voice continue on to describe a music so tender, so tropical. Beguines: they weren’t nuns. They took no vows. They could slip in and out of communal life. And hence the slanging transfer to easy persuasion, flirtation and innocent crushes. [French “avoir le béguin pour quelqu’un”] and so to the French West Indies and music and dance: the

And way back and along the progression [Middle Dutch, beggaert: “one who rattles off prayers”] [French, bégayer: “to stutter”], the mumble, the murmur, the mmm.

And so to a stream of English repetition begging:

rap rap tapping
rip rip dripping
rop rop romp
rup rup rumple

Romp-rumple improv from 21/04/2006

And so for day 1580

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