Constant Constatation

I once commented on the structure of the grid in Garry Thomas Morse’s “Petroglyph” from Discovery Passages and so it is not perhaps surprising that my eye would be arrested by the mention of stones in an eddy off to the right margin in the expanse of the projective (à la Olson) verse in the 9th section of Prairie Harbour

 pebbles other
underfoot graves

The lines can of course be read from left to right and up and down and form a cairn.

A simple constatation which might not hearken more attention were it not for the sly allusion in the 20th section to the poetry of Roy Kiyooka. Morse gives

you know, for that sense of
community interactivity
in the online simulation
of that Fontaine Bleu
Dream Machine

Coach House Books published in 1977 Kiyooka’s The Fontainebleau Dream Machine. It gets interesting when you consider the opening of the 1st frame text in Kiyooka’s book ends with the following lines

these stones these stones embody a tongue
tied Speech

Pebbles in the mouth. Demosthenes. Spit out. Back underfoot. Gravel in the Voice.

And so for day 1542

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