In the land of “attar of carexhaust catcorpse and cookinggrease”

How not to love a poem that begins with the word “Dawndrizzle” and ends with a series of other compound words or kennings?

Slumbers now slumtrack unstinks cooling
waiting brief for milkmaid mornstar and worldrise

In the middle there is a striking image of female potency.

bigthewed Saxonwives stepping over buttrivers
waddling back wienerladen to suckle smallfry

Got to take a look for yourself at this rather exclusive excluding enclave “a ghetto gotten for goyim” as exposed in Anglosaxon Street. Earle Birney (1904 – 1995). The poem appeared in David and other Poems (Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1942). Not a street I would want to live on where the mindless procreators sit on their stoops “swearing hatedeeds”

I am left with a lexical quandry.

Alongside in lanenooks carling and leman
caterwaul and clip careless of Saxonry
with moonglow and haste and a higher heartbeat

Trying to understand “carling and leman”. leman = lover. carling = timbers in a ship sustaining the deck. Could we have here a misprint for “darling”?

And so for day 1529

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