Small Argument with Small Arguments

There are two versions of “Water”

2001 – Still Life
2003 – Small Arguments

takes shape / uncertain of its own / in the palm, in glass / lifting to drain

and takes shape / uncertain of its own: // in the palm of a hand / a glass lifted to drain

I like the version better from the chapbook Still Life which was

Distributed in Canada by the author
Published without assistance
Typeset Book Antiqua, 6 point, photocopied

in the palm, glass

is succinct and evocative — an envious combo

the version in Small Arguments seems by contrast cluttered
the version in Still Life wavers on the theme of uncertainty and succeeds in conveying stillness in the midst of movement; an accomplishment

In 2002 “Water” by Souvankham Thammavongsa won the Lina Chartrand Award. One wonders in which version. (another*)

One would have to go look at the CV2 issues in the previous year [Writers are chosen for this award from women published in CV2 during the previous year]. There just may be another fluid version of “Water” out there.

in palm, in glass

*contemporary verse 2 winter 2003 pp. 65-66 “water”
takes shape / uncertain of its own: / in the palm of a hand, a glass / lifting to drain

And so for day 1462

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